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Please work away and TRY debunk this.

I looked into the origins of the name Elenin & Levy and this is what I got....

The name Elenin comes from elena, Helena.
“Origin of the name Helen:
Cognate of the Greek Helen‘, which is derived from the root (light,torch, bright).

The name is born in Greek legend by the beautiful wife of the king of Sparta. Her abduction by the
Trojan prince Paris sparked off the Trojan War”
Nemesis was known to be the daughter of Night though some call her the daughter 
of Night though some call her the daughter of Erebus or Oceanus. She had two sets of twins Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra, and the Dioscuri and Polydeukes. Nemesis was the goddess of indignation against, and retribution for, evil deeds and undeserved good fortune. Nemesis (Nemesis, as the just balancer of Fortune's chance, could be associated with Tyche..... 

“Elena in Spanish ''the bright one''.
Helen in Greek - bright one, torchlight or helios "sun" Heleyne,
Yelena in Russian shining light , Elena,”
also of ; the greek found to mean "clear, chosen" or "bright, light, torch". Another source back to
‘l‘ (light, torch, bright)

Helios in greek was the sun god, another name given to helios was ''Apollo'' 
The name Apollo is here understood to mean Apollon "Destroyer''

his surname means shining light or helios, helios is another name for apollo(destroyer), and nin means ''The other personage using 'NIN' is the god Ninurta-(DNIN.URTA) who appears in Tablet I, and especially the *Flood myth* of Tablet XI'' example Noah's Ark.

The defination of the word leonid means, A shower of meteorites which fall from the area of sky around the constellation Leo in November
The Leonids are a prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle. The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the constellation Leo: the meteors appear to radiate from that point in the sky.

The Etymology of the name Leonid is as follows...From Greek (leon) "lion". Leonidas was a Spartan king of the 5th century BC who sacrificed his life defending the pass of Thermopylae from the Persians. 

Leonid Elenin in russian translates directly to leonid Yelenin, (not Elenin)


Comet Yelinen would be more suitable as the name as it is a direct translation of his name. Why use Elenin. .
When I search for the name Leonid Elenin, he turns out to be the only one of his kind, The one and only Leonid Elenin.

When searching for the name Leonid Yelenin I find a number of people with that name, and the same when I search the Russian translation of his name

To break it down his surname relates to Helen of Troy, Nemesis, Tyche, Destroyer and a Flood Myth. His first name relates to Leonid King of Sparta, Comet, Constellation Leo, Meteor shower in November.

So we have a man called Leonid Yelenin who prefers to use the name Elenin, 

A woman gives birth 30 odd years ago, she calls her child Leonid elenin, He then goes on to discover a comet that will radiate the sky coming from the constellation Leo in November, and the definition of the word leonid means exactly what he discovered. 

But thats not all, his discovery comes at a time when 2012 is just around the corner and people are speaking about a great flood that will take place around the world, caused by nemesis the destroyer, coming on an elipticle orbit from behind the sun.
And the name Elenin means Flood myth, Nemesis, Destroyer, Helios. 

The name Levy originates from the name Levi

The Testament of Levi is an apocalyptic section. It is one of the longest of the Testaments
In the Testament of Levi, Levi is described as having had two visions. The first vision covered eschatological issues, portraying the seven heavens, the Jewish Messiah, and Judgement Day, The second vision portrays seven angels bringing Levi seven insignia signifying priesthood, prophecy, and judgement; in the vision. 

And now we can add the meaning of Comet heavens, the Jewish Messiah, and Judgement Day and apocalyptic


Coincidental or a pattern. 

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